the boy who cried escalade

Date: 1/30/2019

By evaldez733

I have always been the type of person who LOVES to help people if their nice enough to let me do so. I buy them food or drinks when needed, I will give them advice, and I will just be there for them with whatever they need. One night I came home from one of my Basketball games, and in the back of my one acre yard that was usually filled with Playsets I used as a child, I spotted something unusual. In my yard a saw a White Escalade car with dark tinted windows and nice silver shiny rims. I asked my parents “ Guys, Who’s car is that?” they responded “We were wondering the same thing it is probably your sisters car.”. so I continued the rest of my night with confusion. In the middle of the night after my chores and a long day of school I went to sit with my parents and my Dad was telling the story of what the Escalade has inside and I over heard the worst things I have ever heard in my life. My dad explained to my Mom “ We can’t tell Emma that there is a little boy about the age of seven sitting in the car by itself. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was kidnapped and placed here. They told him not to come out.” So I jumped in with fear into the conversation “WHAT?!?” I ran to get shoes on and went outside. I turned on my flashlight as the darkness in front of me lit up. walking toward the Car ahead of me. My Dad walked out behind me and said in the distance “ Emma, I checked up on the boy every hour and tonight we were going to bring him in. He’s fine.” I responded with... “ Dad if anything you should have brought him in a long time ago.” I continued to walk to the car. I finally got about four feet away from the escalade and my dad was standing by the car. He looked inside the windows to see a horrifying seen. The boy had been killed, but how? Who killed him if no one comes into our yard? So many questions were being raised in my head. I had bursted into tears because the poor seven year old wasn’t even able to see his life. He died in such a horrible way and this all broke my heart. I ran back into the house and just cried until my face felt numb. I may have not known the Boy but what I do know is that that poor Boy has gone through a lot just fr something like this to happen to him. What did he do to deserve this? Later that night after I finished crying we Jumped into the car with the boy and took him to the Hospital. They tried to save him but failed to do so. They called his parents and told them to come to Saint Mary’s hospital to see there son before his Final goodbyes, His parents got there and their eyes filled with tears as they saw there sons lifeless body. The mom stated “ Gabe always had the most beautiful smile on his face. I will never get to see his smile again.” As I cried along with them for about an hour the doctor had told me that families needed to stay to sign forms but if you weren’t family to go home and rest.. and so I did, I went home and slept my tears away. The next day the truck was towed and the boy was on the news. I attend his funeral 3 months later and then it was all over. I said to myself “What a beautiful ceremony for this beautiful smile..” When I do my prayer I make sure that My god says hello to Gabe. and so he does Gabe is in a better place :) THE END !!!!