Don't touch me stranger!

Date: 7/3/2017

By ThatGirl__

I had this really weird dream when I was younger. You see, I used to sleep I'm my mums bed when I was younger and every time I did I would always have a dream that someone took me or something. I can only remember about 3. I'm going to tell you one today. It all started with me getting ready to go to my cousins place with my family. My cousins are only across the street from us so that we could walk there. Once we got there I started chatting with them when my untie came out of their house with a plate of fruit. We started munching on that. I started to realise how uncomfortable I was. Something was wrong with my clothes. I really wanted to walk home and change into something comfy. I decided it was easy to walk home and get some new clothes on. Of course no one would be home because the whole family was at me cousins. I started walking down the drive way. Once I stepped on the road I looked around and saw some men all of the same race grabbing kids. For some reason Dream me saw nothing of it. I started walking down the road and not on the footpath for no reason what so ever. Suddenly a man jumped out Behind of me. I turned around. He then tried to grab me. I started screaming, "let go!!" But of course he didn't . He had a plastic bag with him that was big enough for a human to fit in, just like a body-bag. Scared to death I didn't know what to do so I tried to run back to my cousins place because people were there. He would not let me pass and would just jump right in front of me. I fingered the only thing I could do was go home but no one was there. Dream me just decided to fight! I said "why are you doing this?" He only said one thing, "i want slaves"