Date: 5/29/2019

By smylx

I went to visit Sydenham again and I had come down the same hallway by the main hall and went up the stairs. As I was going up the stairs Hannah had her art station on one of the floors. She was making some cool shit as usual. I kept walking up the stairs and finally reached the sixth form. I walked down the corridor remembering what it was like when my year was there and how it was now. It was pretty empty with only a couple student. I walked past Ms Belgers and Ms Conways room and thought about saying hi but then I didnt. I then decided to go down the stairs and happened to meet up with Lucy. We went to the third floor to meet with Mr Nickson who seemed to be back. He was in a room teaching with Ms ___ and we decided to go in. He we sitting in the back and me and Lucy wanted to catch up with how he was doing since he was ill. He could walk so we had to exchanged some change for him. After catching up we both left the room and went down the staircase and just left the school.