My dog as a raccoon

Date: 8/9/2017

By dropanna

My family was traveling around Louisiana forested land on hiking trails. The area was notorious for the wild raccoon population and the sun was setting. While we were hiking, I realized if I let myself be still and let my eye adjust I could see and hear all the raccoons rustling around in the tall grass. I spotted one that was standing up and pointed "her" out to my family. They all stopped and looked but couldn't see her. She had curled into a small grey ball and only her head was poking out of the grass. It was completely dark by this point so my dad shined his iPhone light (and irl he does not have an iPhone!!) to see. My sister squatted and asked like a child where it was. I formulated a way to make everyone see. "Ok, you see that small tree? And then: one, two, three stumps? And then that dark hole. There's her face!" My dad adjusted his light and my entire family ahhh'd at the raccoon peering back at us with a nervous face. My brother happened to be standing too close. Suddenly my POV was further away from where I had been standing so I could see my brother in a wide frame. I said "you're standing too close, she's nervous". He took one step back in her direction before stepping away. But that one stumble was too much. The raccoon lunged and snapped at my brother's ankle before retreating into the woods. My family started leaving and talking about how raccoons are often rabid and how he needs a rabies shot Suddenly my POV changed to across a large orange sun lit parking lot with my father and brother walking in view. I put my hands on my knees to scream "I TOLD YOU YOU WERE STANDING TOO CLOSE!!!"