Digital art, He soars through the tropical tunnels, feeling joy and freedom as he speeds up, flying faster and faster with the toucans.

Tropical tunnels and flying

Date: 7/15/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was at some resort with a group of friends. It was somewhere tropical, like South America I think. We're down in these tunnels that have adobe/stucco walls. It's very humid, and there are tropical flowers growing all over. I can also hear tropical birds somewhere in the tunnels. There are signs saying that the pool is ahead (it was supposed to be like a hot springs kind of thing that are underground and at a waterfall) As we're heading on our way, I'm very excited and jumping around impatiently. I run ahead of the group about twenty feet, and run back to them. I do this a lot because I've just got so much energy. One of the times when I jump excitedly into the air I realize that I can fly. Now I'm even more excited, and I zoom around very happily. The tunnels that we're walking in never seem to end. We keep going and going but we never find the pools. We start to realize that we're just walking in circles. I tell them to stay put, saying that I will fly on ahead and see where the tunnel goes since I can fly much faster than they can walk. I fly ahead at full speed, but soon find that the tunnel really is just a very large circle. I don't really mind too much because I'm just enjoying flying. I pick up speed gradually, going faster and faster. I feel so free. I don't want it to end. Then I hear the tropical birds again. They get louder and louder until I'm flying face first into a flock of toucans.