lost ticket

Date: 1/29/2017

By ash_gui

I am in a bus. Conductor came to me. I bought a ticket, don't know to which place. I had an argument with him because amount written on ticket was less what I paid. An old friend was sitting with me. I was tired so i slept. I woke up in a train don't know how. It didn't bother me at all. my friend was sitting next to me. Everything else was same, even conductor was there but now it was a train. TC came, he was checking ticket. My friend showed his ticket. I started searching for ticket. I found 5-6 tickets but none was for today's journey. While I was searching TC moved on. I continued to search. Someone shouting its a halt. It means we all have to deboard and cross a bridge on foot then board the train again. As soon as I deboard the train it started. I ran and climbed in different boggy. There were no seats in this boggy. A village girl was singing some familiar songs but in foreign language. Some guys cracked a joke about the girl in the same foreign language and started laughing while looking at me. I also pretend to understand and started laughing. Train stopped and it was real halt. I saw really huge bridge ahead...