Date: 7/25/2017

By samantha93

ended up at some cabin woth dauhater and a truck a Indian let me barrow , a blue 4 door Chevy pick up automatica 1970 somethig for the year, was gathering some things of mine to leave in a hurry for some reason and went to lock back door when I saw a young man skulking around and whistling creepyly I locked it and looked back it was a old lady staring at me and the door unlocked it's sleep and opend when I tryed to close it it would not close she said help I'm hungry I said go to the font door I'll help u she said ok , I locked door and did not place on opening front door for her since she was creepy, I was just trying to buy time to lock the back, mind you the front door was locked already as were all windows, she was inside when I got to the front of the house , then I was putting Daugher in carseat in truck and trying to drive off .