Dream: Battle Against Reprogramming

Date: 5/11/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

Our country was governed by these people who would assign our roles to us. We couldn't divert from them. We couldn't choose our own path. If we did...we got reprogrammed. I was given the role of manager. My friend Kairu given mechanic. My sister Jalicard given chef. Despite the fact that all three of us could do these roles quite well...we were different. We could handle a multitude of roles and these specific ones didn't hold our fancy. They did, however, give us the skills we needed to begin our next steps. Despite me having role of manager, Kairu actually was the leader of our little underground rebellion. Jalicard and Josie were our medics who also helped train in combat. I was the analyst. I helped teach them observational skills and how to read their surroundings. We weren't trying to build an army but we were trying to prepare people for what may come. So after sometime our quartet had gathered a big enough group and we had decided we wanted to take down one of the institutes that they reprogrammed people at. Kairu's plan succeeded and we got control of it. However it was a small fry compared to the others. He began devising a plan to get control of the main institute. We needed someone on the inside. One as staff. One as a patient. Josie and I took those roles. She changed her appearance and became a somewhat mean doctor to the patients. I became one of the more stubborn of patients. The plan was working. I was gathering intel from the other patients and telling them of our group. However...the longer I was in there and put through the tests and exams...the more I started to forget who I was. That's when Kairu sent Garrett in. Garrett had a photographic and hypersensitive memory. He could remember anything and everything. Garrett was there to keep pulling me back from my reprogrammed state. Eventually the plan was a success and we took over the institute. Putting the government on blast for what they'd done. We lost Garrett in the process though. He'd died protecting Kairu from some gunshots.