Kitty Tricks

Date: 8/4/2017

By toxxicduck

I had moved into a new house. I think it was with my family, but I only remember seeing my mom, who doesn't live with us anymore. The house looked like a feudal Japanese style mansion with a center outdoor garden area, and walkways around the outside of the house, and a maze of paper doors and walls and tatami mats. I don't remember details though. There were boxes everywhere. I had a bedroom which was also full of boxes. My cat Leelu was with me and being super cute and doing kitty tricks. I don't remember any of them except one thing she was doing where she would attack my hand and hiss but I somehow knew it was in a joking way, to pretend she was angry, and it sounded like a human hissing. I thought it was so adorable. The way she bit on my thumb was all chibi anime style. I went out into the inter courtyard garden thing where Mom was with some boxes and tried to tell her about Leelu's cuteness, but Mom just looked at me all annoyed and barely responded to me. More mommy-issue dreams.