8 person band with attractive guy, aliens & music video (7/24/19)

Date: 7/25/2019

By jadaking

chan and i were working, it was 9:45 and we cleaned everything, everything was done we were just waiting for 10. All of a sudden 20 people come in and it’s chaos, so we legit had to re clean the entire store. I’m standing by the door talking to makayla because she came in changing the front garbages again & this group of like 8 people come in and i’m like holy fuck. Mnt bean looked a little different inside and it had two doors, they came in threw the second door. The group was so happy and nice but i was annoyed, makayla waiting at the front as chan and i took their orders. Chan realized that the group that came in was actually a small starting out band, and she knew their music. They asked us if we wanted to go out driving with them and i was like yes!!! one of the guys was super attractive lol, chan said i could go and she’ll clean up for night but told me she wouldn’t clock me out until i got back. I told makayla to come with us too, we walked behind mnt bean close to the LC back parking lot where their van was parked and we got in, we sat in the back row like this - attractive guy makayla me we drove around in this van with the band across the city, the attractive guy was explaining that they started in the west side of Canada, they were from BC and we’re driving to the east & stopping at every festival they hear about over the summer and even going to the US The van was tiny and we were making jokes on how 8 people fit in here lmfao, makayla kinda looked like she was going to cry so i told her to look at the sky because it was a beautiful sunset. As we continued to drive we were actually going to my house? I told the guy driving i needed to clock out so we went back to the bean. As we showed up the store beside us Spa Life Style looked completely different, it was like smoking... all 10 of us went in and i saw my dad, uncle sean & uncle corey sitting at a picnic table watching something. They said an alien was in there teasing the human who came in and trying to capture them... the attractive guy wanted to end this, as i walked passed to go see my dad the alien started to come out and jump, the attractive guy ran up to it and hit the shit out of him, i felt so safe.... makayla looked a little mad because they kinda had a moment in the car together but nothing special somehow i remember telling my dad i’ve smoked before since he never knew ? and the group and us started all laughing at that, i remember saying “i can’t believe i just told my dad that” We left & i still forgot to clock out lol, i was scared keri would be mad - chan texted me at 1050 that she just finished and the gunn’s order came in squished :( When we got to house it was a big common area ? with black bags on the ground, we opened them up and their was all these dresses and suits, more people started showing up and i had no idea what was going on, i put this lightish blue dress on it was sparkly at the top and fit perfectly, makayla put a darker blue dress on. The attractive guy came up told us they were shooting a music video in my house. I remember being in a circle all together with everyone who was there now, probably 30 people & makayla and the attractive guy were beside each other, i was kinda pissed but we did the shot and scene. Since they were so many of us we had to do the circle scene like 10 times, each time after that the attractive guy came beside me in the circle and kept like zapping me u know when ur in grade 5-6 and u would go up to people from behind and like “zap” them right above their hips and it would hurt like a bitch, ya he did that to me since we had to put our arms around each other he only zapped me on the one side or only could, we flirted all night and each time we had to do a different scene shot we had to change places, makayla would try to come over back to us but the attractive guy would put him arm around me and walk faster & faster across the circle to change positions, i thought it was so funny but i felt so bad after we shot the music video, we were still flirting and in our nice dresses & suits, i got a text from makayla saying she was pissed but i never responded, after we all changed and went downstairs, downstairs there was this big cube that came out of my ceiling with lights and it was crazy, somehow my cousin owen showed up ?? the cube was huge - even went into the theatre room, it lit up and did this dance as it came out of the roof lol, i remember asking people if they wanted snacks & i remember seeing this little boy running across making a pizza pop in our pizza oven downstairs lol i remember talking to the attractive guy all night & makayla was in my room pissed, we danced in cube together until like 4am The band had to leave and go to grand forks for tomorrow night, i got the attractive guys number & snap and followed them behind as they left in their van, they first had to go to the airport to pick up a new member they were flying out to winnipeg... makayla and i followed them in my blue car and talked & i apologized. As we got to the airport Javi was there !!! (omg this guy needs to get out of my fucking dreams) Javi was coming back from Spain i guess ?? I said goodbye to the band & wished the attractive guy the best, i kissed him on the check and then ran, i left makayla behind and ran to my car, i had to leave because of Javi... i was in my feels i guess As driving i passed river east but the school was closed to the airport new location, it looked like a huge prison - it was dark out (5am) and raining but had some light but i saw all the teachers walking with their school stuff getting ready for the new year, i remember seeing neundorff, fontaine, hallick & more i took a wrong turn home and ended up close to aunty janet’s house to white ridge but by an oil plant ?? i tried to look onto snapmap as i was driving to see how to get home & then i got a snap from Javi that’s when i woke up