bubble bubble

Date: 2/18/2019

By midnight-libra

I wandered through the dark hallways of some abandoned campus. The quiet hum of lab equipment echoed through the chambers. Blinking lights pulsed softly amongst greyscale background. I explored until I found an expansive room: the room where they kept the specimens. Tables were strewn with sleeping creatures of the serpentine and amphibious kinds. Limp wires poked their coils out from cold metal boxes. I made my way along the concrete floor, and dust creeped in my wake. I saw thousands upon thousands of fish, each crammed into their own suffocating capsule. In the center of it all was a tank, massive but empty and dead. One by one, I plucked the miserable fish from their cells and delivered them to salvation. I cracked open cases and poured out the squirming guppies until the tank teemed with movement and vigor. Suddenly it seemed as if new life had been breathed into the vast room. The hum of the equipment took a new tune. The lights in their little tin machines blinked a little brighter. The wiry tangles electrified and fed the room with faint light. And the little creatures winked their eyes at me as they awoke.