Numan's Nudge

Date: 1/19/2017

By johna808

In 2013, another level of lucid dreaming began for me. I began dreaming in music - hearing music in my dreams. This continues and it's unfamiliar, original music. I am a retired fashion photographer but I occupy my time now as an electronic musician, my daughter is a classically trained cellist. We both have an avid interest in modern music and used to go out to music venues when she was home. --- I let my own music activity go while she was learning cello method between 5th & 12th grades, then it seems my mind came roaring back with musical ideas after her graduation and entry into college. --- After a couple of downsizing moves when my daughter went to college I got my MIDI studio set up and the content from the musical dreams became available for actual IRL use. --- Last night I was dreaming about Gary Numan, a person whose music I'd not followed for a long time. His 2013 LP, "Songs From A Broken Mind" was very inspiring. A new approach for him, not just YA come back LP. --- So, in the dream, I'm in his home studio and we're collaborating. Lucid dreams can sometimes be startling and wake me up. This was one of them. I fell back to sleep and was back in a continuing "part B" of the studio Dream. Gary and I were collaborating again, I felt really humbled by being there as he showed me his studio, home, even places where they'd made structural modifications. --- I don't spend a lot of time trying to peer into the lives of celebrity musicians or any celebrity for that matter. So I woke again this morning feeling really inspired to keep working on musical projects. It's been a very deep dive into music production again - every day for nearly two years. It's the most demanding thing I've ever done, requiring a lot of focus and attention and time. Wow, a nudge from Gary.