dream - bright white light

Date: 3/10/2019

By JillMagdalene

i was working at the trump whitehouse for my own interests, getting information and promoting my causes. i said Nick could spend the night at my apartment. i woke up in my dream there was a bright white light in my room with no source, no beginning and end, floor to ceiling and i felt beckoned and drawn to it and i shrieked ( gasped) upon seeing it in my bedroom with no warning, and stood in the middle of the beam of brilliant light. i then went in the other rooms of my apartment and it looked like it had been ransacked. it was nick going through all my things. the next day i went to a whitehouse briefing and kellyanne conway handed me incriminating papers from my apartment with my handwriting about my changing and firm stance on biblical heterosexuality, and some google searches i had done about spicing things up in the bedroom for my husband. i was embarrassed someone had gone through my things and left to confront Nick. He had been a counteragent for homosexuality, when i got back to my apartment on the 8th floor, #10, it had been rented out and the new tenant had mail in my box. 2 letters. i asked if it was legal to rent out my apartment if the bills were current and no notice had been given. Mike Morales was working with Nick and beat me up. He is a flaming homosexual and was upset i had been working at the whitehouse using the biblical principles of marriage. Lost my job because of blackmail, apartment was ransacked, then had to move, got beat up really violently by a homosexual. Brother used me. Happy Valentine's Day.