Fighting Isis

Date: 5/29/2017

By Y0Universe

I was drafted into the military, and fought in three separate intense battles, i felt strong and capable and I was very skilled. Over the three fights I killed 57 enemy militants. I started feeling the psychological effects of war and it was taking its toll. For some reason my team was deployed to England, and we were in Barclays. Resting and recouping from the toils of war. We were telling war stories, and suddenly shots rang out. Isis had come in mass. Everyone in the city was panicking and running every directions. Oil started flowing up hill, in the form of the black tar they fill over potholes. People were screaming to lite it on fire because lots of the Isis members below would have had a hard time getting past it and running up hill. I was close to it and had some matches in my pocket, but I had left my gun somewhere and could remember where it was. I tried to quickly light the match but when I threw it down the flame went out while falling. I tried to strike another match but a flame from below whooshed up toward me, and everyone started running. Isis was gaining ground. I ran into a town house I had been at to look for my two guns. I looked everywhere but they were all super old, muskets that I needed gun powder for. I heard gun shots down stairs. Isis was incredibly close. After some brief fight and frantically looking for my fun, a white woman who was complete bald but wearing a Muslim outfit and acting as a translator for Isis told us to come with them. I was about to jump out a window and try to escape. But then I woke up. Very scary dream. And I have never been in the military but feel very unsettled by this long intense dream. The three battles earlier were fought in detail, but I don't remember the specific happenings.