grocery store fight

Date: 7/2/2019

By sarahlo

i was in florida with my bf’s family and halfway through, the moms had to leave. there was a 7 year old we were fostering who took a liking to me, which was interesting bc kids usually don’t do that. the dads of the family served pizza for dinner. they let me go get a rice flour pizza. i went to the office of our travel guide to ask her where to find a pizza place that made rice pizza, and she offered to drive me there. she took me to a grocery store instead. we went inside and she started trying to break a watermelon by throwing it at the floor. i tried to wrestle it out of her hands and we got into a physical fight. we fought out the door and i had her pinned down and asked a random girl walking by to call the police. we went home from the trip and i was in chemistry class and a kid there asked me to join the basketball team.