My First OBE

Date: 3/10/2019

By Talinas

I recall opening my eyes thinking, “Great I’m awake.” I look to my left and see my husband sleeping. I decide to lay there hoping to fall back to sleep. Realizing I cannot sleep, I decided to get up to use he rest room. I tried get up. Only my head could be lifted off the pillow but not the rest of my body. I begin to feel numbness on my left arm, the lift side of my face, particularly around my lips, and heaviness on my legs. I wasn’t understanding what was going on. I tried to get Paul’s attention, but couldn’t. I tried to focus where I was. “I’m in my room.” I told myself. Everything looks normal except that the room was a dark blue color instead of black. (Signifying its night time.) “I’m I dreaming? Am I awake?!” I wasn’t sure for sometime if I was or wasn’t. I felt like I was a wake, but nothing made sense to me. I looked around the room, trying not to panic. But I did. I panicked. I tried over and over to rise up. I tried to move and couldn’t move. I tried to scream but couldn’t scream. I looked at my husband. He was sleeping there, laying still with his jeans and long sleeved shirt. So I tried to scream and move again. I saw blue reflections of myself. Blue reflections of me as I moved and tried to scream. After some time, I told myself to relax and just go back to sleep. And so I did.