The Sacred Heart Festival XXXTREME

Date: 7/16/2017

By drunchee

It's day 3 of the festival, and this time instead of participating in the inflatable arena battles that you can do, me and Marcos have to work at one, except this one is a sand pit dug out with a sand pillar in the middle for you to sit in. Kids come in, wrestle around, winner gets bragging rights. Me and Marcos are the operators and are supervised by a worker. Later on it becomes night, and the only people left are volunteers, like the footballers and me. I'm now exiting a building with my phone out, but my phone is in a small ziplock bag so I have to use it through that. The football team is outside in the field, resting cuz it's break. You're allowed on your phone during this time so I text Allison. Marcos is gone. Later on its day time again. Maybe I left the festival and slept. Clem and Isaac are here along with Marcos again. We are at a putt putt course by the water. Marcos willingly jumps into the water, and im surprised because it seems like soemthing he'd never willingly do. Adalia and her friends were here too.