At a Crater with Grandpa

Date: 8/7/2017

By toxxicduck

The dream began in the deserty mountains. The area was sage brush and dirt, like the area around Black Canyon, which was in another recent dream. I keep having dreams about Idaho where I grew up! I was with my grandpa and we were super up high on a mountain that overlooked the caldera of a dormant volcano. I've been to Crater Lake in Oregon and Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, and it was like both of those scenes combined, but the crater was just desert brush. Though I know I was with my grandpa, I didn't actually SEE him with me. The cliff we were on was so high up that I could see the entire crater, and the rings around it that signified water level, and I kept hallucinating that there actually was water and we were on a spire in the center of essentially lava rock Crater lake. I believed it to be a trick of the eye kind of thing. I had a notebook with me that I was using as a journal, and wrote this experience down. I had a whole bunch of entires already, but I wasn't writing dates or times, which is very uncharacteristic of me. Then Grandpa and I were driving down from the mountain back to civilization in his old blue Toyota truck. It was definitely Idaho now, winding road through cliffs and hills, following a road that goes along the river. We began to pass by lakes and seeing the river more clearly, and I saw that at every body of water there were hundreds of cars parked and people with rafts and floaties, all making towards the water. I knew it must be to get out of the sweltering heat (heat wave passed through where I live now) and I felt bad for them because I had super easy access to cold water whenever I wanted (which is not true irl). We were then in a small town and it was night. Still definitely Idaho, as it was flatlands and there weren't any trees as far as I could tell. It looked like downtown Caldwell. Grandpa pulled into the parking lot of a Wells Fargo and said he had to go do something and he'll be right back. I waited in the car for a bit and wrote in my journal that Grandpa was acting really weird. He did seem kinda distant and sad. I decided he was taking forever to get back to the car. For some reason I had to get out to go look for something and couldn't wait for Grandpa to come back. I think I was on the phone with my dad and he was telling me to go investigate something. The dream took on a mysterious vibe, like I was solving a crime or something. I got out of the truck and some characters from Fire Emblem: Fates were with me: Azura, my fem-Corrin, and I think Takumi and Sakura, at least. There were definitely more than just those ones. We had to get down the street, and at this part it was like playing Fire Emblem. I one by one controlled everyone to take several steps down the street, and kept going in a cycle. My fem-Corrin's avatar looked like a gladiator in the back of a chariot. Also, if I made the characters too far away from each other, their personas would turn green and they'd become "Allies" instead of my own characters, so I had to go back and get them. Eventually I was in a building. It was a small indoor mall type thing. Kind of reminds me of the underground shops and stuff in Goldenrod in Pokemon Gold/Silver. It was creepy there. The hall was narrow, and well lit, but there were tiny side halls that were like alleyways. It was also kind of grimy. The Fire Emblem characters turned into my real life siblings, and my youngest brother was a baby again and I was carrying him, and I was a teenager. Tristen and Campbell were there too, a lot younger, but my Irish twin was not with us. We went to a door at the end of a narrow hall and Dad was there. Our investigation led to this door, but they didn't allow minors within. So Dad went in, telling us to wait out here for him. I don't know what the place was exactly, but my dream-brain suspected it was something gross and dirty, like a strip club. I remembered that the last time Dad brought me with him here, he was in there for like 6 hours. We sat on a bench on the outside of the place, Palmer the baby on my lap. A bunch of people suddenly came in and out of the door where we couldn't go. One guy had a notepad and he looked at us and went "okay, so four sessions, plus me..." and was writing a bunch of math or something down like he was charging us for how long we spent inside the strip joint or whatever. I said "wait, no, we aren't going in there!" And the guy just moved on. I was disturbed by the place we were in, so I took my siblings through another door at the end of the hall. We entered a small living room looking space with a couch and a tv. There were too gangster looking guys sitting there already. I put my siblings on it, not even thinking about the dudes, and found a cute pink and yellow quilt to put on them. My siblings were just being sheep, letting me lead them anywhere and staying quiet for once. I think anime of some kind was on the tv, and we all just sat watching it, waiting for Dad to finish whatever the heck he was doing. One of the gangster guys said something like "this looks like a pretty cool videogame" and I thought "wow what a noob, thinking anime is a videogame, psh." Then I woke up.