Digital art, After narrowly escaping a chaotic shooting at a church, a grief-stricken individual finds solace and hope in a house filled with kind strangers, experiencing moments of connection and joy, but ultimately embarks on a desperate search for their missing mother, seeking answers from a trusted officer friend amidst a dangerous and fiery landscape.

Lost my mom and probably friends too.

Date: 7/14/2017

By Hikertrash48

The dream started out at a church. We're all just kind of there. At some point FBI agents or some kind of officers barged through the doors and started shooting. I made it out and over to another house nearby. The people in front of the house started praying over me, cause apparently they use prayer as a cleansing ritual. They stopped and said I m free to enter. The house was full of people. I stepped into a room and seen a girl who was probably about 10 to 12 years old, Patty, and Diana. Patty started playing music and Diana started dancing with the girl. I just stood against the wall until Patty came and started dancing with me. I left the room and seen my dad who in real life I haven't seen in months. He's talking to some older dude and the dude explains that there is a vacant house right down the street. So we go to check it out. When we get there it looks like who ever was there before left in a hurry. All their furniture and food was still there. I'm looking around and I realized I have no idea where my mom is. Realizing the urgency of the situation I tell my dad that I'm going to walk around town. I find Evans who is my officer friend and decide he may know something about my mom. As I start to ask if he knows where my mother's at a group of about three girls come up talking to him about how they now have their learners. I wait and finally ask if he knows where my mom is at. He pulls me aside and says that he thinks he saw her go into one of the porta potties in the first row. I look and noticed that as people are coming out agents are setting the porta potties on fire and that's where the dream ended.

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it appears that you are experiencing feelings of loss and uncertainty in your waking life. The church setting may symbolize a need for guidance, support, or spirituality during a challenging time. The presence of FBI agents or officers shooting suggests a sense of danger or threat, which could represent external pressures or conflicts in your life. Finding solace in another house where people use prayer as a cleansing ritual suggests a desire for purification or healing from your current circumstances. The presence of Patty and Diana engaging in music, dance, and connection could symbolize a longing for joy, playfulness, and positive relationships in the midst of adversity. Encountering your dad, whom you haven't seen in months, indicates a longing for parental guidance, stability, or support. The vacant house represents a new opportunity or potential that you and your dad explore together. However, your concern about not knowing the whereabouts of your mom suggests unresolved issues or a fear of losing important relationships. Seeking information from Evans, your officer friend, could signify a desire for someone with authority or knowledge to shed light on your situation. The presence of the group of girls talking about their learners may reflect a sense of distraction or diversion from your concerns. The porta potties being set on fire when you are trying to find your mom might symbolize a fear of losing her or the urgency to reconcile or reconnect with her before it's too late. Overall, your dream suggests a need for support, resolution, and reassurance in the face of loss and uncertainty in your waking life. It may be beneficial to explore these emotions further in order to find ways to cope and move forward.