Saving the Other Dimension

Date: 7/12/2017

By emmaoftheleighs

In the beginning of the dream, I was at a tea party wth my friend Nick. We were standing in the kitchen while everyone else was in the garden because we were bored. I was talking to him about me needing to go to this animal conservation place but my dad wouldn't let me drive there because it was two hours away. Nick said he didn't know what I should do. Somehow, I got to the animal conservation and I was in a restaurant. In the restaurant was a mysterious door that nobody ever went through, so I decided to go through it. When I went through it, I was transported into a different dimension. I was dressed in all black and I was standing outside of a cosmetics shop with another lady. She hands me some red lipstick and I start to apply it. I walk into the store up to these little, white teddy bears they have and start to wipe my lipstick on as many of them as I can without getting caught. And then I walk out. The lady then gives me some black lipstick and departs. I start applying it as I walk to the washroom because I needed to wash my hands and face. As I approach the washroom, there is a secret service looking man standing outside. He directs me to the right side and I walk through the door, which leads me to an outside area full of pipes and construction. I follow the flow of the crowd over and around these pipes but never find an actual bathroom. When I leave, I find my friend Alex but he belongs to this dimension. It turns out that all of the people in this dimension are being controlled by this all knowing, evil alien lady. I decide to help everyone and defeat her. I leave the dimension and come back with my Canadian friend, Chi Ling, and my friend Jennie. We find the evil alien lady and we discover that her weakness is only being able to concentrate on one thing. So each of us begin to simultaneously describe different things to her. She tries to concentrate on all of the things at once but of course she can't do that, so she disappears. Everyone in the dimension is broken from their spell and her reign of evil. When I find my friend Alex, something looks different about him. I ask him how old he is and he says he's in 7th grade, which is not good because we're both seniors (12th grade). I find out that as my dimension travels forward in time, their dimension travels back in time, which is why Alex was suddenly younger. My friends and I have to leave the dimension for good, and we start to say our goodbyes. I can't bring myself to leave Alex behind, so I ask him to come with us. We go through the door again into the real dimension and back into the restaurant. I go up to a random guy sitting at a table and ask him if the year is 2017. He says yes, so, naturally, I go, "FUCK YEA!!!" And we all run out of the restaurant to get ice cream. My friends run off and my dad picks me up with these two other kids. We go to this other restaurant where their mom is and my mom is. We sit down at the table outside and a man appears and sits down with us too. It turns out that the other children's mom was divorced and that was her husband, but the children had never met their father. There was about to be a moment where everyone realises what's going on, but I woke up.