someone is always watching.

Date: 1/22/2017

By Larss91

-This dream does not become lucid till half way through. I'll state it in caps- I woke up on a couch with a feeling that time had passed. I walked out to the living room where a circle of people silences. One of them states that I am finally awake. He seems to know me the most. I mean... They all seem to know me. I ask what he means and he tells me that I have been living for years but now I have forgotten. I realize that I am no longer twenty five. I am several years older. I sat down and looked around as they all joked and spoke of memories I cannot recollect. For some reason I asked where my dad was. They all grow very quiet. I realize he was gone for good and I wasn't around to say good by. -HERE IS WHERE THE DREAM BECOMES LUCID- I was crying over the loss of my dad when this little girl walks up and calls me daddy and asked to be picked up, then(for some reason) I realized that none of this is real. Andddddd I remembered the two things that I always forget when my dreams become lucid. Which is speaking to my subconscious constructs, and doing reality checks! So I sat down on a chair in the middle of the group of "friends" stared right at the only one that spoke directly to me, and asked "what do you want". This asshole who I swear was the one who'd talk, decides he's just gonna smile and fade. So I have to do that pinky and thumb reality check(which by the way works, but keep switching fingers) the face becomes clear and he's just smiling at me. No talking. It's like he knew that was my goal. So I got angry and left. Not through the door. No I was angry so I went through the wall. I flew through that shit like superman. And then started to fall. And that's when I saw the truck. Some truck that I wanted to follow for some reason. As I followed, I'd notice an odd silhouette on top of it when I got close enough. The damn thing was fast- faster then me flying like 100 miles an hourr( which by the way I couldn't get higher then like telephone pole status so I kept hitting trees and shit.) I gave up after a time and started to fly to an island I used to live on. Didn't make it far when I saw a car broken down. The most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I couldn't figure out who it was from the real world, so I figured it was a mash up. I walked over and asked if I could help. Where she turned and smiled and said it's too late, she points to the roof top and I see the little girl who called me daddy earlier staring at me. She was the silhouette. She was watching. The lady I stopped to help said "it's time" and before I could ask what she meant, I woke up. Now I am awake wondering what the hell she meant by "it's time" And who the hell the little girl was and why she was watching.