Extorted over a butterfly folder

Date: 7/23/2017

By Y0Universe

This little freshman in high school kid named Brandon, came upon my butterfly folder with all my tax documents for modeling in it. I asked for him to return it, and he said he wanted to keep it, for the sole reason that he needed a butterfly folder. I said, I would buy him his own butterfly folder if he wanted one that badly, but I need my tax documents to run my business. He then tried to extort me for it and I told him we need to meet up. So him and three friends pick me up in a white escalade. All of these kids are way smaller than me, nerdy. And I get in the car, and I said "take me to your house" and he refused. And I grabbed his arm and said, you better give me my folder or I will break your fucking arm off. His friends were super scared, and so was Brandon. His Indian friend, drove to Brandon's house and went in and got the folder for him. Then they dropped me off at a restaurant that I was originally at, and my family happened to be sitting down at a table for dinner by chance. So we had a family meal.