Trapped in the House

Date: 6/12/2017

By poppyseed008

The first thing I remember in the dream was letting my dog outside, and realizing that two men were trying to steal him. I somehow knew that they were intending to sell him. I ran outside and they ran when they saw me, so I retrieved my dog and let him back inside. Then, for whatever reason, my mom informed me that the men outside were trapping us in the house. We couldn't go outside because they were armed. I kept trying to call my father, who was at work, but they had somehow disabled our ability to make calls. I remember being upset and somehow knowing that I was probably going to die - I haven't had a dream this scary in a while. I was frustrated with my mother, because she seemed to have accepted the fact that we were going to die, and my brother kept saying it was going to be fine and they weren't going to kill us while lying on the couch and watching TV. I kept trying to get them to figure out how to escape with me, but they just weren't interested. Towards the end of the dream, I tried to call my father again, and while I didn't get through to him, the people trapping us in the house intercepted our call. For some reason, a TV show was playing in the background. They were saying some sort of instructions, but my mother kept taunting them and yelling over them so that I couldn't understand them, and I was very angry and trying to get her to stop. It really was a nightmare, which I rarely get. I woke up terrified before realizing it was only a dream.