Wedding Horror Psychedelic

Date: 5/18/2017

By sirblckbrd

a colourful journey of relationships and relationship taboos. A wedding with a group of killers on the hunt. Don't quite remember how it started, but we (me and some people I don't think I know) were at a ski resort at night skiing. My character meets up with friends later at some kind of old mall to hang out, only to find out one of our friend's boyfriend cheated on her with a transgender woman and his face and their faces were plastered all over some TV store with pictures everywhere else. Cut to a different scene and I'm in the forest (yet, this wasn't me, I was in someone else's body that made it feel like I was me) and I am meeting up with a very handsome man (Or I felt he was very handsome) I don't remember his features, but it was vaguely a dirty blond or dark haired man with strong jaw, medium muscular build. All I remembered was I was deeply in love with this man and so was he. It seems we are hiding the relationship from the public as either he or I were well known. Another skip and I am in a wedding party, in this very Gothic looking building with pastel decorations for the wedding (pastel and Gothic?! but still pretty neat) and as the wedding was about to commence a group of masked people barged in and threatened attendees with machetes and swords caked in blood. in hindsight it felt more like a set for a horror movie shoot. I don't remember if anyone got killed, but it felt like we were just threatened. It seems like we escaped as I ran out into a parking lot and there he was, my man leaning against his red car. I jumped onto him to give him a big hug and a big kiss, and the kiss was a little long as my character seemed so in love with the man who had to back up into his car as he held me. The last bit I remembered was us in his car as he drove and I clung to him, kissing his face every so often only to say "Alright, I'll stop distracting you." And he seemed to want to hide from fans that we seem to have.