7th grade at Cottonwood

Date: 5/16/2017

By weaselpuppy

the 7th grade class was at Cottonwood school (k-5th). we where outside and in a line. one of the teachers introduced us and said that we where going to help for a day. we where all kind of crazzy and after they introduced us my old friends came and hugged me, but i remember thinking that all my friends from Cottonwood couldn't be there, they all left to go to a new school except Robin, after I thought that all the people hugging me changed to people I did not know. then we are inside at the orientation(it is the first day of school and we are going to go to Cottonwood?) there is a curved line of chairs with a piece of paper in front of each chair. the paper had a name and some information on it. we where supposed to find our name and sit in the chair it was by. All the chairs where really close together but I had no chair. Soren and Kellen where on either side of me so I sat on their laps and they got kind of angry at me but they made room for me to sit. As I was crushed in between half sitting on them some information was thrown at us, it was really confusing. Then we went to go to class in our assigned classrooms. while Aidan was going to class he tripped over the bike rack that was in the middle of the hall and Bella and I where laughing and he was laughing. then we got in trouble for dawdling or something. Right as we went into the classroom I woke up.