The Pig-Sized Guinea Pig

Date: 4/21/2019

By oregon

I remember going home from vacation and coming back to see the the water from Lake Makatawa covered the whole yard. There was an almost completely underwater playground my little cousins were playing. I then went home to take a test. The SAT I think. Nora was sitting next to me and doing it in crayon. She she showed me three colored pencils and told me she had a teacher for each colored pencil, each of them using a specific color to teach. When I got home, I noticed I was being robbed. I waited outside in a cage with a bunch of animals. At dawn, all the animals died except a large guinea pig. I got out of the cage and went inside, ordering the guinea pig to chase the man. My dog Sally was there and she also chased the man. They chased him upstairs where he met a little white dog who chased all three of them back down. The man ran out of the house. There was another dog in the house named Honey. She was my uncle's dog. I tried to get he out of the house but she'd ram into me and bite me whenever I tried. I eventually led her onto the porch and shut the door. I called her a bad girl.