Random ass dream 👀

Date: 6/15/2017

By madnewman13😼

Basically my dream was so random last night that it's a little hard to explain. But I remember that I was sleeping on this floatation device in this lake with my friend. There was something trying to kill us, I think. Then I remember seeing my music teacher and her giving me a lamp shade to put on my head. Next I wanted to walk a mile for some reason so I walked around this block finding a railroad track. I went onto it, seeing no train on either side. Suddenly I look to the right of the tracks and one suddenly appears. I struggle to get off the tracks because I feel as if my feet are glued to the tracks. Finally I make it off in time to not be ran over by a train! 😳 And then I remember going to my crush's cottage which was a huge colorful playhouse with colorful trolls living in the basement. This was so random af.