this dream reminded me of Jesus

Date: 1/26/2017

By Purple

In my dream, I was with another (unknown) person, and we were challenged to stand on a mat supported only by a rope. It was approximately three stories high, and the mat was as flimsy as a dish towel, approximately 18" x 12". Clearly, it was as flimsy as can be, but that was the challenge: to overcome fear, and stand on this platform for a few seconds. The ladder that we ascended to get us to the platform was a diagonal staircase flush against the wall. There were three of us on that ladder/staircase, but only two were allowed at a time, which made the ladder a bit unstable. That added to my fear of this challenge before me.  
 The third person went back down the staircase for safety, and observed from below, while guiding me and giving me words of encouragement. The rope swayed and dropped, but a squirrel grabbed the rope in its mouth and scaled the wall, so the platform was at our level once more. I was impressed with this trained squirrel and wanted to comment, but the focus was on me.  
 I was scared. I didn't have proof anyone else did this before, though I was under the impression that it had been done by others before me.  
 After what seemed like a lot of stallings on my part (and patience on their part), I said a prayer, took a deep, shaky breath, and stepped on to the platform. Miraculously, my weight was supported for a few seconds.  
 I don't recall my thoughts or actions or anyone else's words after that. I don't know if the dream ended or the scene changed, but that's all I could remember.