Date: 5/25/2017

By jooneyeri

Some sort of 2 player video game with 2 kid characters and 1 even younger kid character They're a siblings A boy and a girl who are about 12 or 13 or something And a little girl who's like 7 Me and Jean played this video game with Kai I had already played and beat it once You start out on the beach and it's beautif ul You dive all the way down to the bottom and have to defeat some sort of evil sea lady teacher thing On the way down we swim by lots of schools of fish and have to hitchhike on underwater trains and stuff and it's kinda scary There's music in the game too and the drawing style is very disney/ cartoon network The evil sea teacher octopus thing lives in a really tall tower/mall complex thing with a million floors and rooms I had to convince Jean really hard to play this game I wanted her and Kai to play together I just wanted to watch cause I had already beat the game