Bedbugs, fleas, and turning into seals

Date: 8/10/2017

By strangerdelaney

I was doing this study abroad type thing with a group of people from my life that don't really go together. We were staying in a hotel that was all one floor and like really long. I was a mixture of myself and Debbie Gallagher and I was staying in a hotel room with this random guy who was apparently my boyfriend. He had never gone down on me and I was really nervous about it and apparently tonight was the night. I got out of the shower and looked at the time and it was 5 am and like we hadn't gone to sleep yet. This guy really wanted to go down on me for the first time but because I was so nervous I was being really extra about getting the lighting right. I was like trying out all these different lighting arrangements with certain blinds open and some lights on. While I was doing this I realized that one of the walls of our hotel room was covered in bedbugs and fleas that were crawling everywhere. I freaked out and told the guy and we were like this is an emergency and we have to stop what we were doing right now. For some reason instead of telling someone about the problem my plan was to take boxes and put the bugs inside of them and send them back to my mom in America. The guy just left and didn't help me and I dealt with the bugs all night and it was really gross and they started flying around me. I had to bring all the bugs to a post office so I missed class and didn't tell anyone why. When I came back to school everyone was really freaked out and thought I died. The first class I went to was dr hedrich's and he was crying because he was so happy I was okay. Then I figured out why I wanted to dispose of the bugs secretly because someone how the administration found out that me and this guy had all these bugs in our room. Probably because I did a pretty bad job of putting the bugs in boxes and there was still a lot left. The administration decided that the only way they could deal with the problem was turning me and this guy into seals and releasing us into the ocean. They did this and for some reason I wasn't that scared about it and then we turned into seals and as we slid into the ocean the administration was like " I bet they won't last one day with all the predators down there."