Work, war, and ghosts

Date: 7/15/2017

By ace200

Starting off, I was at work, but it looked really different, I was working at like a Christmas store. I had to take the monthly quiz, but Cody gave me some of the answers and I got 100%. There was then a war going on and I was with the Goonies in like the Goonies 2, but it turned into me and having a bunch of other sisters to take care of during the war time. We snuck into a house and tricked this women in giving us stuff to survive. I was then at my Grandma's house, but I found out all these ghosts roamed her house. Mainly old people, that looked grey and a bit transparent. I said hello to them and asked how they were to keep them happy, even though they scared me. Jonathan Groff and Deneé Benton were both ghosts there. There was also a scene where my old English teacher or my manager was trying to kidnap me and I had to run around these yard sales to get away.