The Chase Is On!

Date: 6/13/2019

By Jade_Shadow13

It all started at school where I accidentally took someones costume after being dragged away by two boys who were supposedly my friends. There was this dianostic test where you were suppose to break a wall to examine your strength. But you had to stand 5 feet away and do a series of hand motions to break it. Most students made a crack in it, and it was enough to get in. Some say it was impossible to break it, and that it was best to just give in. But, one of my friends took the test. He had dark skin, and long dark hair that fades into a blonde shade at the tips of his hair, that he tied into a bun. He managed to break a small hole in it, not even a crack. He managed to get in a class, but he immediately thought he was better than everyone just becsuse he was the first to break a hole in the wall. This other guy that was apparently my friend, looked like my real former classmate from the 8th grade, though we never really talked much in real life. Anyways he brought me to his class. And the procedure is to stand in a circle with some kind of golden oversized chandelier with golden boxes hanging off of it. It was a little over 5 feet above and you had to jump and hang off the box. I wasn't suppose to take this class, yet here I was... I eventually told the teacher that I wasn't suppose to be in his class and that one of his students weren't there. They called them and they got a good lecture. The dream then shifted. I was being chased by this psycho who was splashing water under the stall in the girl's public bathroom... I remember him chasing me through an arcade.