Hide and Seek

Date: 1/19/2017

By micoo

I was in this building that seemed to be a mixture of every single church I have ever gone to in my life time. I went there with my friend and her little brother. Down the hall in front of me I could see my brother. People I didn't know grabbed my friends just as my brother grabbed me. I couldn't do anything to help my friends. They got dragged off somewhere that I couldn't see them. My brother started beating me. He punched me in the face and one I fell to the floor, he began to kick my in the stomach. I pleaded him to stop, not knowing why this was happening. He stopped. He pulled out a gun and pointed it between my eyes. He said I would play his game or my friends would be killed. I agreed to play. We played hide and seek. I had five seconds to hide. He was allowed to have his eyes open and follow me where I was going. The tiny advantage that I had was that I could run while he could only walk at a normal pace as he followed behind me. If he found me, he could beat me more and I wasn't allowed to fight it. He started counting. I ran as fast as I could, but already being injured, that wasn't very fast. "FIVE." He said in a deep voice that I never heard him use before. "Come out come out wherever you are!" He already knew where I was. I had crawled into a cabinet and did not have time to close the door. He stated at me with a smile on his face. "Where can she be?" He acted like he looked behind a curtain but kept his eyes locked on me. "Hmm. Not there... oh, I know.." He forcefully pulled me out of the cabinet, knocking my head against the wall. "You're not very good at anything, are you." he began to count again. He acted like he was covering his eyes with his hands but he followed me with his fingers spread so he could see every move I made. I was even slower now. this went on for what seemed like hours. I somehow managed to get out of the building. Someone chased me out and tried to stop me, but I screamed until people passing by were watching. The person let me go. I got in my car, started the ignition. someone had messed with my car. The gas gage pointed to "empty" and when I started to move, my car would only go 7 mph. I got a text from my friend. begging me to go back. She said he was going to hurt them. But I couldn't go back. I COULDNT. I saw a gas station across the street but that was across 6 lanes of traffic. I couldn't make that going 7 mph. Everything started going black. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I had to try. for some reason I felt like getting there would make things better. I went for it. I made it halfway when a blue truck started speeding at me, laying on his horn for me to get out of his way, but I couldn't go any faster. He got closer and closer. I closed my eyes tight. I woke up.