Travel with menagerie

Date: 5/3/2017

By sabby

On my way somewhere. There are lots of us traveling. People in all kinds of dress, cowboys, punk rock kids, ladies in evening gowns,etc. At first I feel like I need to go home but then start enjoying the atmosphere..We wander into buildings and then back outside again. At some point I'm dressed in this lovely long dress. Next I'm in this grocery store. Very crowded but has a very festive atmosphere. This little woman comes up and says these two young people need to talk to someone. They are soldiers but stateside. After visiting with the girl and guy I realize they are stressed due to their job. I explain to lady that the pressure of having to protect the president is what is causing it. After shopping I go to find my car. Of course I can't find it but then I beep the key and there it is.