Measuring chairs and easter BEARS

Date: 4/16/2017

By Memoireb

My dream starts by Andrea (a boy from my old school) giving me an easter BEAR. It was made out of chocolate and it was really good. While I was eating it, I saw an easter egg on the floor. I picket ut up and opened it, but there was a black kitten inside. I brought it to my mum, and asked if we could keep it. -random random stuff- I was at a house, sitting at the tabble was Andrea, Maline (a person that helps disabled kids in my class, she's really nice) and my best friend Carmen. I was supposed to mesure the chairs that they where in without seeing. I remember cheating when they went to the bathroom. -what? I can't remember- At some point, I was outside on my bike, but it was snowing, so it was really hard. I was supposed to get back in the house. But when I was closing the three doors (makes sence in my dream) the dude who lived there TURNED OFF THE LIGHT (To the world?), LIKE WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU!? So I had to figure out how to close the doors without light.