daddy issues. TW: Animal cruelty mention

Date: 2/5/2017

By druyan

okay so brief backstory. I don't talk to my dad. he's been in and out of jail my whole life and stole my car last year, which is what landed him in jail this time. I also foster neonatal kittens. i usually have about 5 of them with me at any given time. ok, so the dream. so I'm hanging out in my room feeding one of the kittens when I hear a knock. it's my dad. he goes "I'm home! let me in!" i quickly lock my door, which for some reason is now ancient and rotten looking. I sit down with my back against it while he's pounding on the door. he's hitting it so hard that it's coming off the frame. finally he stops and it's quiet. im crying, because I DONT want to see him, and the whole time he's been saying things like "it's your fault I got locked up this time" I get up and gather all my kittens, and put them in their play pen. they're like three weeks old, so they're eyes are open and they're walking on their own. the door started pounding again and this time it's my dad and what sounds like a huge dog. the dog is barking so loud and growling. I have an irrational fear of dogs because I was attacked by one. the door breaks down and shatters. I scream to my kittens to run and somehow they listen to me and crawl under the bed. the dog bites my arm the way you see in those police training videos. like he is shredding my arm. my dad for some reason looks shocked but he didn't expect the dog to actually hurt me. he tries to pull the dog off, but it won't let go. it's a pit bull (i know not all pit bulls are bad, I'm just irrationally scared of them irl). he grabs the dog by its ear and it's ear rips off. now I might be afraid of dogs but it also breaks my heart whenever I see an animal in pain. the dog let's go and is whimpering and stuff and I'm tending to my arm. i scream at my dad to leave and he does, muttering about how he can't do anything right. I pet the dog and put a towel against his head and he licks my arm. then I wake up.