Lingering Worries

Date: 7/2/2017

By Fitful

I dreamed I was, or my sister was, sneaking through the house. To get outside. I was waiting for her outside. For some reason she had a ritual which only she knew to sneak out. There wasn't really a good reason she was doing it, except she claimed it would fool those who tried to break in. I didn't argue, just let her repeat her steps and make a quick exit take 30 minutes. ~ Well she might not have been my sister here. We were in a pool, goofing off, each with a ring on our hands given by the other. No, I think we dropped the ring in the pool, if you found one the other lost. I literally stepped on hers, it was a crystal stone, dirty and had a black spot in it. Mine disappeared, she was upset she had lost mine, she lost the game too but was just upset she had lost the Opal I loved. This Opal was what I used to cast Magic, something like a wand only round and half a sphere. I wasn't upset as she was, I did however, prefer to cast magic through the Opal. ~ I was home, I hadn't unwrapped a birthday present, several of them were capped somewhere, but I came home to change before I left and I desperately needed socks. I recalled someone saying they bought me socks, so I opened the present with socks in it. It was from poncy rich guy, apparently for this part of the dream I was a hot young man, gay? Anyway this rich guy was trying to court me and sent me really nice, really nice socks and matching pajamas. Also a mirror. And a picture frame. I quickly realize if I put the mirror in the picture frame it became a two way communicating device. He wanted to be able to talk to me. It was an amazing present, even if I didn't want to get with him. I called a number on my phone, already in my phone call list, horrid lyrics upset over something (I saw in the mirror?) but no one answered. I hung up really upset. Then the phone rang, and now I'm myself not some hunky gay guy, and it's my ex girlfriend on the other end. I ask several times who it is, and she keeps saying 'it's me' like I should know. And I do, but I'm floored. She can't have my number I never let her have this phone number. And then I remember calling her and I feel stupid. I keep playing dumb and she gets upset. Finally some guy I the other end and her begin making fun of me then making out so I can here. I end up letting her to go to hell, before hanging up. I almost text her and lecture after but I can't focus through my anger and embarrassment. ~ My mother and I remark on carpets. We have somehow matched the idea a of certain carpet schemes to relationships and we watched on a some old 50 telly all about it. We then proceed to lie in the carpets in our house and talk about what they mean about us. None of these carpets have a patterns, and all are sold similar hues. Apparently if there is a gross difference in pattern or color you are in a romantic relationship with someone. I tell her I sort of think solid carpets are a rich person thing. She asks why and I tell her it's because of Nana, when I was little she had these white white carpets and kept them so pristene. But she could only do this when she had money. My mom pointed out rich people can have no carpets. I agreed, but said it's just how I think. I don't like carpets that much at all because of those white ones. ~ My mom and I met some dude. At first he was very cool, then he said he wanted to date both of us. I began avoiding him. I baked a lot of bread, wheat with Oatmeal flakes sprinkled on top, and it all came out perfectly. Mom was upstairs getting ready for the date. I left the dude outside on the front porch. The dog really loved him, this pomeranian which was in some medical contraption to prevent it from jarring wounds the vet had stitched. It couldn't get through the dog door, and kept making a fuss, wanting to go out to him. I finally had to go outside, there was a tub of smart balance (vegan butter) in the extra fridge which was outside. I opened the door and he had his pants down and looked sated, like he had just beat off. He handed me the butter and said he hoped it was still usable. I was appalled, then I realized he had deficated, diarrhea, all over the porch and his pants and everything. He had used a hose to clean himself up, but nothing else. I didn't take the butter.