Why I’m Scared of Fish

Date: 6/1/2019

By Dovethorn

I get repeating nightmares sometimes, and this is one of these cases. I started having this dream when I was around 10 years old, and every once and a while I have it again. I’m always hesitant to tell people about this dream because it sounds so stupid whenever I try to explain it, but I will try my best. The dream starts when I open my eyes. Every single time I have this dream, I look around and see my immediate family and friends(the most important one is my older sister) along with some other people that I have only met a few times. The room that we are in looks kind of like a regular living room, but with no furniture. There are nice, cream colored walls, and a nice red rug covering hardwood floor. Another difference from a regular room was this one had a small swimming pool in it that has around four or five trout. My youngest cousin, I’m going to call him Jake, gets really exited and runs over to the pool, reaching out to pet one of the trout. The second it’s scales touch his hand, all of his skin melts off. His muscles disintegrate as well, letting all of the internal organs fall out. His bones then fall into a pile, kicking up the dust that was left of him. Everyone screams and starts looking for an exit, but there isn’t one. Suddenly, the walls start closing in, pushing all of us closer and closer to the pool. My best friend falls in, and the same thing that happened to Jake happened to her. By this point, about half the people I woke up with are now dead, turned to dust which was then eaten by the trout, making them grow bigger. A few more seconds pass, and only me and my sister, I’ll call her Rebecca, are left alive. Right before we fall in, I find a secret door that I push open and drag Rebecca through. We are both panting, relieved that the ordeal was finally over, that she realized that we had arrived in a city. It took her another second to realize that everyone there was a cyclops. We didn’t think much of it, so we decided to find a taxi and get home as soon as possible. When we flagged one down, we told the taxi driver where to go. He looked very human, with pale skin and curly brown hair, but his face did not. He had one bulging eye in the middle of his forehead, and his teeth looked like broken glass. His lips looked like they were made of twine, and where his nose should be there was a dent about the size of my fist with two snake-like nostrils. He reached into the glovebox of his car, and told us that we needed to pay him first. We agreed, but asked how because we didn’t have any cash on us. He smiled and handed us both a silver spoon. He said, “Silly girls. The only things I want are two eyes! You can decide if you both want to give one up or if you want to sacrifice your sister’s sight completely.” We decided to both give up one eye, so with minimal hesitation I rammed the spoon into my eye, then I woke up in real life because I had just punched myself in the face.