I was in high school and I had horrible hairdo

Date: 5/23/2017

By icantrideabike

I had this dream tonight just before I had a very difficult final exam. So I was back in high school and I got up in the morning and my father was going to drive me to high school and the whole time he was sort of late and I was wondering why don't I drive myself my car is outside so maybe next time I will become lucid when I remember it. I had a really horrible hairdo I had shaveen on the front part of my head A bit like the queen of Alice in wonderland. Maybe that is connected to some deep-rooted issue inside me because I have a large for head and when I was little the kids used to laugh at me and now I wear bangs and it everybody finds be hot. And I was like what the fuck how am I going to wear my bangs now when half of my head to shaved. Then my father went to work and I asked my mother to drive me to school and she was like OK when do you need to go to school and I was like 730 and she said it's 930 and I said I know but I didn't really give a fuck then my alarm clock woke me