Birthday scavenger hunt, I bit a boob

Date: 4/5/2019

By levinelover

It was Mitchell Mirons birthday and we were doing a scavenger hunt inside a café. My teacher was also there and I had an assignment she gave me so I worked on the assignment instead. I didn’t finish it, but after working on it for a long tome and everyone was almost finished the scavenger hunt I decided it was time to join. I asked Mitchell for something that was on the scavenger hunt and he asked me very seriously why I didn’t start earlier clearly disappointed with me. He gave me a look that showed he thought I was just irresponsible. I explained to him that I had an assignment due also, so I was gonna spend 2 thirds of my time on that one 1 third of my time on the scavenger hunt, although there was only like 15 minutes left I went way over so it just sounded like excuses. He sighed and gave me the scavenger hunt sheet to look over. One of the things was I was supposed to go to Michelle and Manan, who were supposed to be pressed into eachother singing as if they were one man, and I was supposed to reply to their singing as a conversation casually. When I went into the café booth Michelle was sitting in (across from Mitchell) she wasn’t with manan she was with Tobias. Her and Tobias sang, to my surprise I thought they’d be too embarrassed to do it in a quiet café. Michelle was pressed very close to Tobias kinda hugging him tight. Tobias was much more confident he was obviously having fun with it and didn’t shy away, while Michelle seemed to be zoned out and not singing as confidently. I was supposed to be having conversation with them but instead I found myself encouraging them to sing more going “yeeesssss”. Eventually I caught myself and started to reply as if it’s a casual conversation. I wanted to Snapchat them so bad but wasn’t sure if it was allowed or if it’d make them want to stop. I took out my Snapchat and the waitress, who helped set up the game so she had authority laughed and said “of coursee you got to Snapchat”. I smiled knowing I could do it now and started to Snapchat their bizarre singing. Michelle was going a high pitch squeal with her singing while Tobias sang words. In the video I copied her and imitated her high pitch sound. The next step was to follow Michelle and Tobias’s join together man thing on social media they made for him. I got on Instagram and followed him, and then tried to unfollow him right after I checked it off the list. I went through my contacts and saw a profile with weird pictures and assuming it was him I clicked on it and unfollowed. Then I realized it was rai rai I unfollowed, she just had strange pictures. I followed her again and searched through who I was following more carefully. I found a weird account and clicked on it. It was full of weird pictures and many pictures of old dirty Barbie dolls. I scrolled through the photos trying to figure out why it looked so familiar and if it was his account. And waitress passed me again and looked over at the pictures of dirty barbies I was scrolling through. “Oh wow, you guys sure are a really strange bunch” she said. I laughed sheepishly and agreed. There was a girl who was sitting next to Michelle and Tobias but then moved in between me and Mitchell a little while back. She had black hair, a very stern and dry attitude, and huge boobs. She reminded me of Nicole Kaplan even though it wasn’t her. She was wearing a shirt that exposed most of her boobs, and I bit one of them. She immediately complained and said I shouldn’t have done that, she wasn’t amused. She said just like Michelle and Tobias being “uniform” which meant one person, she was “uniform” with her fiancé last night in the shower. She said she had a “uniform” wedding and became one with her husband in the shower. I realized that meant they had lotsss of sex everywhere and when I bit her, his dick had been on and maybe even cum on that boob. Oh ew, I said and I licked my teeth which now tasted like dick. I shrugged, it was a little gross but I honestly didn’t mind too much. Her and Mitchell kinda smirked.