Date: 8/4/2017

By dogphase

I was ordering kolaches from this small little shop run by this sweet old woman. she has long stringy hair and big glasses, and worked with this giant shelf of food--kolaches, bacon, other baked goods--and an industrial range underneath it. I was there with my sister and mom, and my sis ordered something first. mom wanted us to go to a different restaurant with a breakfast buffet, but I couldn't resist the apricot kolache, and when I asked what were in the sausage ones, the lady said jalapeno cheese, my favorite. but she asked me for a quarter, said it was to carbonate the water, and I saw a big frying basin, except it was boiling water. I checked my pockets and didn't have a quarter, but at the very bottom I did find a nickel, and I asked her if that would work. she kinda shrugged and plopped it in and the bubbles in the water became much more excited. I also remember being at an art opening, with a date or something, a woman, and we ran into her ex and it was awkward.