Not the Bronx Rabbi and the locker

Date: 9/18/2021

By Purple

In my dream, I was back in the Bronx, and my Florida rabbi was there as well. It was a Saturday and he asked me to go down the block to store his jacket. He also asked me to protect it from the sun. So on my way out, I picked up a bed sheet to throw over his jacket. There was a religious place that was open which seemed odd to me. Even stranger, there was a girl sitting at a counter putting on make-up. I asked the lady behind the counter if there were any lockers around. She pointed to stairs that were outside, leading down to basement level. That reminded me of a famous Brooklyn temple I visited a few months ago. I asked some other ladies outside if there were any lockers available. They said not usually and told me to go elsewhere. Should I believe them or go see for myself? I looked around, wondering what to do next. This was taking longer than I expected. As I looked down, I saw dozens of discarded locks along with matching keys 🔐 . I picked one set up and triumphantly went back to the ladies who told me there weren’t any lockers available. I seemed to address those ladies and other people...who were seated in what appeared to be stadium seating. Somehow my find and announcement made others laugh. I knew this was taking much more time, but I needed to get this done for the rabbi. I finally found a place to put the rabbi’s jacket. Dream ended.