Friday the 13th Nightmare

Date: 9/15/2019

By anitron

I just woke up from this really awful nightmare at 3:00 am. It starts out with me visiting my sister at her college on Friday the 13th. I brought 3 of my bags for some reason and went with her to a weird space roller skate rink. While I was there, I kept on dropping my stuff and there was a boy my sisters age who helped me and started to speak Japanese to his friends. While I was listening I realized I wasn’t wearing pants and made myself pull my large t shirt further down my legs. After this, my two best friends and I were going to a political debate with the seats in one split down the middle for the democratic people and republicans. This was taking place outside, and we had to sit on a weird glass platform since there were no seats left. Once we sat down, a woman from the republican side came over to our platform. While she walked up, my friends informed me that she was the daughter of one of the big republican politicians. She made a disgusted face as she got closer and pointed to what I was wearing. “Why would you do that?!” She yelled. “Huh?” I asked. “Wear blue with red?” I looked down to my outfit, a blue coat on top of a red dress. “It’s nice,” my friends said. “Yeah, well I like it,” I politely told her. She looked at my friend sitting next to me and told me “oh, I didn’t realize you had a sub.” My friend and I looked at each other with both amused and horrified faces. This is when she climbed up the platform and started punching me. People were telling her to get off and she tried to storm off the platform by going on top of the fragile glass steps that weren’t meant to be stepped on. She fell through it and got glass shards all in her arms and really badly hurt them. A paramedic quickly comes over and yells that everyone needs to leave the premises. My friends and I jump off the platform, and I’m helped down by a nurse with bloody gloves. I realize that I lost my friends and all of my belongings were thrown across the parking lot, leaving everything scattered. As this was happening, there was a presentation being held in front of an elementary school about why we have politics. The fire alarm from inside starts to ring and everyone there starts to yell “what’s happening?” People try to go into the building to see what’s happening and suddenly fire men appear. One of them yells “big fire!” As smoke can be seen escaping the building in big clouds. Paramedics left the building with an injured boy. Soon there is a weird chanting of the words “big fire!” And it goes on for the rest of my dream. It sounded incredibly loud in my dream, and it was definitely the weirdest part.