Endless summer

Date: 7/6/2017

By countingwaves

I was with a friend from London, it was the start of summer so about mid may, I remember he gave me a pill and said "prepare to sleep for a long time" I was worried what he had given me but later that night I realised I wasn't tired, he had given me a pill that allows me to stay awake for 3 months straight. Although he said I'll be tired as shit when it wears off. To make the most of it we attended ever music festival possible day and night, partied a lot, never got hungover too which was a bonus, surfed most days and made the most of every hour! We met a bunch of other guys who were also on it and partied like crazy with them. Then all of a sudden it wore off and I remember dosing off......then I woke up feeling tired!!!! Amazing!