Plane/ House/ Beach

Date: 6/1/2019

By pardonkookie

I was in Puerto Rico in some music school, but I was late for my lessons. Then i was on a plane back to New York. But when we landed I got caught up talking to someone while collecting all my things, and ended up staying on the plane as it took off for Puerto Rico again. I somehow got the plane to pull over on the side of the road to let me off before it flew up. But I realized that I left my phone and all my belongings in the plane so I had nothing. Then it switched to me being in this girls house who I don’t know. I’m sleeping in her room. We’re like both sharif this tiny bed. I’m looking for a charger to charge my phone and he brother keep look at me from across the room or whenever I go into a room he’s looking at me. I walk out the bedroom into another room that he’s in and I’m wearing a short dress when I bend down to get something from under the bed and I can just feel him looking st my ass. Then it switches and in now in a car, but for some reason I’m on the roof of the car instead of in the car. We were headed to the beach, but I was on my period so I didn’t want to go in the water. So I stayed on the sand but the waves started getting bigger and bigger. So I kept moving back. My mom and brother close to the waves and my dad closer to me. When this huge power wave comes and reaches up to where I was near a building. Everyone goes underwater. I hold my breath, but the only thing I’m worrying about is my younger brother, wondering if he was going to drown or not.