Nearly Killed

Date: 1/31/2017

By stateofdismay

Mom, Dad, and I went to this old Victorian house to take some photos during the winter. It looked very picturesque with snow on the ground and all that and very much resembled the house we were at when I first came back from England. So Dad starts setting up his camera stuff while I hang out on the porch because he wanted some portraits of me and Mom. But Mom walked around to the other side of the house toward where we knew there was an open door. I peered around the corner to call out to her to come back, but instead saw some old woman walking up on the porch. I still called out to Mom and then ducked around the corner of the house again. Someone came towards the corner and I was hoping it was Mom but instead it was the old woman, who was now holding a gun. She came around the corner quite close to me and I saw basically a digital display on the gun that said there was only one bullet left. As soon as she saw Dad she fired a shot in surprise, the bullet whizzing way over his head. He pushed his camera around to being behind his back and called out to the woman to get away from me. She grabbed me instead (Mom had come up behind her by this point and she knew that) and pushed me off the porch, following me with the gun still pointed at my chest. She screamed something at Mom and Dad about not coming any closer or she'd shoot me, but I could see the hesitance in her eyes. So I egged her on. I told her to go ahead and shoot. Do it. Fucking shoot me. You won't. You don't even have any bullets. She claimed she did and I told her to prove it by shooting out the one window of the house. She aimed and fired and sure enough, the gun just clicked with no bullet going out. I smiled smugly but before I could say anything, my dad had grabbed her and pulled her away from me and screamed at her. I think it was basically something like "leave here right now or you're not going to get another chance to." The woman ran off. Dad helped me up and asked if I was okay. Mom grabbed me in a tight hug and was crying on me. I assured them both I was totally fine. We took the pictures Dad wanted and headed home.