Code Lyoko and Voice Soda

Date: 6/3/2017

By Avniel

Me, Yumi, Odd and Selena Gomez were about to leave my apartment door until creepy dark vines started chasing us and dashed downstairs and went outside, when we thought we were safe outside we saw lots of dark slime taking over the apartment so we ran back inside and they're were no dark vines for some reason. We ran back to my apartment room and Yumi, Odd and I saw some weird soda so we dranked it and it gave us the ability to sing as Selena Gomez and fire breathing powers. We saw some frozen cart and I touched it and it thaughed out then Odd made fun of Selena by calling her old even though she's like in her early 20s, then some old lady wearing lots of turquoise stuff came in and started taking about how Hatsune Miku's old even though she's youger than Selena (Miku is 16 years old). Then I touched the floor and some frozen the either said MEV or MEN got unfrozen by my heat hands.