Reflecting stress of my waking life?

Date: 4/4/2019

By RavenHeart

So lemme explain something first, I dream in explicit detail, there’s not one dream that I have, that I cannot remember- feeling, emotion, colors, senses, etc... and they can get pretty long and detailed... In this dream, I was waiting for a ‘at-home’ pregnancy test, and the bathroom was strange, it had etched mountains in glass walls, and it was just the wall and a strange corridor that lead to my dads study room... there were no other walls in this bathroom, everything was made of glass and very see through... so I took the pregnancy test, peed on the tab, and then started to wait, and while I was waiting for the result, I noticed my mom staring at me through the window wall in front of me, the door was closed.... it’s kind of choppy here, as I remember opening the door, and having no pants on, she swiped the test and took it to my dad... my dad was furious at me and asked me, what I thought I was doing- I told him, I am waiting for the results to come back... all of a sudden I turned into a teenager- (in reality I am almost 30)- finally the test came through but the dream ended with me sitting on the toilet lid trying to decipher the test instructions, I couldn’t figure out the diagrams and pictures, and no where on the papers did I see the word pregnant-whether I was pregnant or not - I was so confused, and then I woke up... Weird dream... also I might be pregnant in my waking life, but I highly doubt it... been trying to get pregnant for the past 8 years, and have had numerous tests for pregnancy, but they’ve all come out negative... I’m starting to think now, that I think too much of pregnancy in the day and maybe that’s why I have so much unconsciously dreaming of being pregnant and not knowing how to read the results... this is my 5th dream of taking a pregnancy test in a row, and the dreams keep getting weirder and weirder and farther from actually getting pregnant... so strange The dream before this one, was more like a nightmare tho, a miscarriage with a lot of blood, and everyone was angry at me... but that’s another story altogether....