This Ain't No Vacation

Date: 6/13/2019

By Jade_Shadow13

We were all invited to go to the states, so we did. We arrived in the state of Californa. We didn't take a hotel, but a large beach penthouse. And it was amazing. There was food and the beach was just right across. Everyone in my family was there. So I decided to go cruise around in a boat that had a removable upper roof. But somehow I was knocked out of the boat and into the water. Intantly I was submerged, but somehow I found a glowing pink wand drifting away. I tried to get it, using the air that was compacted underwater with me. But I only lost air trying to get to it. So I gave up trying. Another boat arrived to pick me up. My Nina was there, so she decided to get into my boat. She was now in the water with me when I suddenly realized there was blood everywhere. I took a deep breath and submerged myself beneath the murky red waters. As quick as I got underwater to gain some momentum, my heart skipped a beat when I caught a glimpse of a troll shark that had a dented nose --that seemed almost rounded out. Like I said, I did this in one swift motion that I didn't have time to think. I was already in the boat when I heard screams of bloody murder. It was my nina. The troll shark got a hold of her foot. I looked back, only to see her being yanked back into the water. There was more blood, and more screams. The shark already had my nina from the waist down after it leaped out of the water and took a huge chomp. It brought her down into the water. The shark making huge ripples in the water that were strong like actual waves. So before I could take one look in the water for my nina, the aftershock rocked my boat, causing me to fall backward and into the drivers seat. I pressed the gas without thinking, and the boat kicked into overdrive, having me to lurch forward againt the wheel with force. In other words I crashed the boat. *** I found myself back at the penthouse, this time in the sand, looking out into the sunset. I was upset about what happened. But then, I heard shuffling behind me. A person sat next to me on the sand. It was my nina. She explained to me that she managed to get away as the shark only got her foot. She showed me her nubbed foot wrapped in bandages.