Catwoman and Dr. Frankenstein fall in love

Date: 8/19/2017

By toxxicduck

Second dream I had while camping at East Lake. I was at my old house in Caldwell, Idaho and lived with a bunch of people. No one I knew IRL. The house was full of people and it was chaotic, with people walking around everywhere. I think there was some kind of party going on, but it didn't feel like it. My room was my old room and I shared a bunk bed with someone in it (IRL I had a loft bed back then). I was dressed as Catwoman from the Batman video games. Everyone else was also dressed up, so it must have been a Halloween party or something, even though I'm pretty sure we all just lived like this normally. I remember one black woman dressed in a Matrix style costume. There was a guy in a Dr. Frankenstein costume who I wanted to "get with" who isn't someone I recognized IRL. I simply grabbed him in the living room and easily dragged him to my bedroom as if he weighed nothing. I think he might have been unconscious actually, and I was just dragging him by his collar on the ground, but that did not have any sway over my intent to get him into my bed and mess around (I swear IRL I am not a lady who does this kind of thing) . I threw him easily on the top bunk and when I got up onto it too he changed into Josh W, a guy I had a huge crush on in 8th grade. I thought "Oh no! I grabbed the wrong one!" But I just settled for him (even though he'd be the better choice anyway). He woke up at some point and was totally into what we were trying to do, but every time we started "doing it" someone would barge into the room and cockblock us. Eventually we did manage to complete the action, however and it was very satisfying. Then I was with Josh and the other roommates at a big performance looking thing. We were all still dressed in our costumes. All of us roommates were doing a big competition thing on two teams of at least 6. It was like something out of Total Drama Island. There was a giant upright waffle-looking thing that had 6 stages on it and all of us were sitting before it in a line on those fold out movie studio chairs. Josh was on my left and we were on the end of the line together. For the competition everyone was assigned a random media character and paired up with someone, and we had to make a skit out of our two characters. I was given Rapunzel from Tangled and I was paired up with someone (not sure who, but not Josh) who had a skinny blonde lady wielding a giant lollipop as a weapon. She looked like someone out of Sugar Rush. She also reminds me of Lollipop Chainsaw. She had the power to use her lollipop to hypnotize people. She had long blonde hair up in a ponytail and wore a tight pink corset. My Rapunzel was dressed in a 50s Jersey style, in a tight yellow dress that was super short and high white heels. Her hair was only shoulder length and done up in hairspray, and her boobs were so big they seemed to almost pop out of her dress. She held a purse and ran to the stage like she could barely move her legs. With these two we made a very flashy and sexy show. The Lollipop Lady used her lollipop to hypnotize the audience into liking our skit, and I also discovered Rapunzel could eat flies like a frog or lizard (like Pascal) and it was a good thing because there were so many flies that everyone appreciated it (like IRL East lake). I don't remember anyone else's skits except that the Matrix dressed lady had The Crow as her movie person. Before this performance thing, Josh was trying to be all lovey with me because we had "done it", but I wasn't feeling it and was getting kind of annoyed, and regretted sleeping with him, But after the show I loved being all lovey dovey with him and was snuggling my face against his. After the performance we all sat down again in a line in preparation to be judged, but I only remember confirming with the judge that my person was Rapunzel. Then the dream changed and I was going to school. The school building was Cecil D. Andres, the elementary school I spent the most time at. I was heading off to class, trying to find my way to the correct classroom. I went onto a section of the blacktop where classroom doors went directly outside. I noticed that there were only African-American kids hanging out on this side of the playground. I knew I didn't belong over here so went around the corner to the other side of the blacktop. I left all nonchalantly to try and not to start any trouble with the other kids (segregation? Am I a racist? Wtf). On my way around the corner I walked by a black girl sitting next to the wall dinking around on her cellphone. She looked at me and I smiled politely, but she ignored me. The school turned into a giant structure with maze-like ramps and tunnels everywhere. I remember thinking "It's like something out of Halo 1!" I was still just trying to find my class. I passed by other kids who I didn't talk to. One girl was my brothers girlfriends niece who I met recently(might mention she is white?). And I eventually found the Lollipop lady from earlier. Even though I didn't actually interact with her earlier and she was some kind of actor or something, I went to her for help around the school. And I don't remember anything else after that.